A good roof is a roof you don't even have to think about. It prevents leaks, keeps you dry, and keeps your home or business safe from the elements. The New Orleans elements, however, are infamously known for wrecking roofs. If you're experiencing damage of any kind on your roof, whether it's from hail, storms, or normal wear and tear, choose JLM Remodeling, LLC as your roofing contractor. Since 2004, we have been providing the New Orleans area with roof repair, restoration, and replacement services in all seasons. We also offer free estimates and customizable service.

A large oak tree tossed by the winds of a summer storm falls onto and cuts through half of a house roof severely damaging it.

Emergency Roof Repair for New Orleans Buildings

Sometimes, roof repairs are something we can see coming and can plan for, but often they are not. When the New Orleans weather hits, whether expectedly or unexpectedly, you have to deal with the resulting damage. If that's hail damage or hurricane damage, you may have a big project on your hands. You don't have to deal with that project alone. Whether it's a simple repair on a particular section or select shingles, or you end up needing a complete roof restoration or replacement, our professionals are on it, even in the toughest emergency situations.

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A Dependable Residential Roofing Contractor

Your home is a safe place and should protect you from the outdoors. New Orleans storms have a reputation for causing great damage to homes, and especially the roofing on homes. Whether it's just a few sections of your roof that were damaged, or the entire thing, JLM Remodeling, LLC can ensure that your roof is repaired or restored as need be. If you need a complete roof replacement, we are also available for that.

Installation of roll roofing waterproofing propane blowtorch during construction

We Provide Commercial Roof Repair in New Orleans

Your New Orleans business is a great asset, not only because of its property value but also because of the work that goes on inside. Making sure that your commercial building is safe is of utmost importance. Not only do you need to protect business operations and machinery/materials in your business, but you also need to protect the people. When New Orleans storms get out of control, or when your roof just naturally needs refurbishing, JLM Remodeling, LLC is the roofing contractor that can make your roof like new.

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Roofing and siding are essential elements of your building that are too important to neglect. New Orleans homes and businesses have to stand up to the test of storms and severe weather, so if you need inspections, repairs, installation, replacement, or emergency roofing services, call JLM Remodeling, LLC. We can provide a free quote to start making your building strong again. Speak with one of our licensed professionals today to see what we can do for you in the New Orleans area.

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